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Weather in June in Stornoway, Outer Hebridies

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maximum temperature iconNormal Max/ High Temperature 14°C (58°F)
average temperature iconAverage Temperature 11°C (52°F)
minimum temperature iconMin/ Low Temperature 8°C (47°F)
rainfall iconNormal Precipitation 63mm (2.5in)
rain days iconNumber of Wet Days (probability of rain on a day) 17 (57%)
sunshine iconAverage Sunlight per day 05:34
daylight iconAverage Daylight per day 18:08
sunny or cloudy iconSunny (Cloudy) Daylight Hours 31% (69%)
sun altitude iconSun altitude at solar noon on the 21st day.

  • The mean temperature in Stornoway, Outer Hebridies is quite mild at 11.3 °C (52.34 °F).
  • Afternoons can be mild with average high temperatures reaching 14.4 °C (57.9 °F).
  • Overnight temperatures are generally a little cool with an average low of 8.3 °C (46.9 °F).
  • In June there is a variation/ range of mean diurnal temperatures of 6.1 °C (11 °F).
  • The weather in June is marginally dry with rain periodically. Only 63mm (2.5in) of liquid precipitates across an average of 17 days.
  • In June the blue above Stornoway, Outer Hebridies is fair having on average an unexceptional 5:34 of resplendent sunlight per day.
  • The shortest day is 17:46 long and the longest day is 18:16 long with an average length of 18:08.
  • There are approximately 12:12 per day when bright sunshine is absent due to cloud, haze or the sun being too low on the horizon to register.
  • It is sunny approximately 31.4% of daylight hours and cloudy 68.6% of daylight hours.

Weather Trend Graph for June in Stornoway, Outer Hebridies, Uk

Graph of weather in Stornoway, Outer Hebridies in June

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